"With Our Talents We Can All Succeed"

​Our Vision is to create and build wealth opportunities for minority families in the communities we serve. Possessing knowledge to acquire and own financial assets are both critical elements in creating economic stability, which leads to better education, career, home and business ownership, and employment opportunities. Economic stability also provides for improved health, stronger marriages and promotes economic growth in our communities. 

Our definition of wealth is acquiring income producing assets that lead to generational prosperity and create a legacy for the next generation. 

Our children need direction and community involvement to help mentor their impressionable young minds, leading them to prosperity. We cannot continue to lose our children to the consequences of poor choices and the lack of good guidance.  

Our communities are rich with talented diverse people both young and old. Let’s take on the responsibility and work collectively to ensure the economic growth for future generations.       

Doris Witherspoon, Major, United State Army Reserve (Retired), is a resident of Clarksville, TN and a native of Angie, LA.  She received a ROTC Commission as a Second Lieutenant from Austin Peay State University on May 30, 1980.  She attained her Bachelor of Science Degree, with a Major in Social Welfare and a Minor in Criminal Justice.

Doris served as a logistician (Medical Supply Officer), Personnel Management Officer, and Battalion Rear Detachment Commander during Operation Desert Storm while stationed at Fort Campbell, KY.  Doris retired from United State Army Reserve in March 1998.

Doris has served as a Real Estate Associate, the President of St. Bethlehem Kiwanis Club, and a member of Toast Masters-Speaking Club.  She is the Founder and Owner of Family Properties which invest in commercial and residential properties.  She is dedicated to assisting families in the obtainment of employment, home, and business ownership.  In addition, she is the Founder of Better Choice of Living, Inc., (BCOL) a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.  BCOL's purpose is to enrich the lives of minorities, youth, seniors, disabled and the disadvantaged. 

Doris has aided countless of veterans with disability claims and administrative services. She has aided others in need of social security benefits, social welfare issues and more.  She is a volunteer and mentor in Clarksville, other counties and states as requested.  She is committed to helping others by using and sharing her talents and knowledge.

Doris is a member of Clarksville Civitan Club, a member of Tennessee State University Clarksville Alumni Chapter and serves as a Community Representative on the Austin Peay State University Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center Advisory Committee.

Doris is happily married to James P. Witherspoon.  They have nine children.  She and her husband are members of Concord Missionary Baptist Church. Their goal is to continue to let their light shine for all to see the blessings of God in their lives.



Better Choice of Living (BCOL) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community economic development organization, founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2008. As President/CEO my goal is to fulfill our Founders’ (Doris and James Witherspoon Sr.) Vision: Owning our personal and professional assets, establish a charitable fund and charitable foundation which aides the disadvantaged and provides generational wealth.

Our young men and women need incentives to finish high school and continue their education in traditional or technical colleges or universities. Realizing a better living through better choices is the key to success.

BCOL will work diligently to identify the needs in our communities and fulfill the shortfalls by offering lectures, conferences, educational workshops, performing art programs and mentorship. We will assess the specific need in each community that we serve, then plan and provide assistance accordingly. In order to make a more profound impact in our communities, membership in BCOL must increase. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Let us all do our part in creating a “Better Choice of Living” for generations to come. The possibilities are endless. By lending us your time, talent, knowledge and/or financial contributions we will accomplish our purpose.

BCOL is dedicated to helping minorities improve their lives through personal and professional development. Our goals are to enhance opportunities for employment, home and business ownership and social enhancement where they would otherwise be limited. In addition, emphasis on education, health and wellness are critically important.

To enrich the lives of minorities, youth, seniors, disabled, and the disadvantaged. 

BCOL is an equal opportunity organization and will not refuse service or positions to eligible applicants based on age, ethnic background, religion, or gender.

           Doris M. Witherspoon       
    Clarksville, TN

           James P. Witherspoon, Sr.       
    Clarksville, TN

James P. Witherspoon aka "JW" born in the rural section of Maury County south of Nashville, Tennessee. He is the eighth child born to Elizabeth Hill Witherspoon and Will Witherspoon. 

His love of music came from attending church where his uncle was a minister. The church had all types of musical instruments and his love was the saxophone. During his years in the military, he performed with known artists such as Bobby Blue Bland, Sam and Dave, and the late Johnny Guitar Watson. He has since retired from the military.


Doris M. Witherspoon, Founder

​James P. Witherspoon, Co-Founder